Spring design is constantly evolving. Product designers increasingly find new uses for springs, and as leading spring makers we often design, test and develop new springs to improve a product’s performance or reduce its manufacturing costs. Frequently an engineering problem can be solved by designing a spring to work as part of the component.
Spring Design Development
Spring Design Development
Spring Design Development
You don’t have to bring us engineering drawings or CAD data. We’re just as happy to work with you to develop new designs from rough sketches and discussions.
A typical sequence of events is that a customer will come to Longcroft with a drawing, sketch, sample or idea. We will work with you to develop a design for your approval, followed by the manufacture of prototypes for you to test, then we will manufacture at whatever quantity of production you need.
Bespoke to your specifications and performance requirement
The team at Longcroft have hands-on experience, know-how, a can-do attitude, and follow rigorous process control ensuring product accuracy, consistency and repeatability. This provides assurance that customers receive a rapid response, the best advice and a better designed and engineered component for their products’ performance.
In the spring design process, Longcroft assesses the customer’s requirements. This involves the space envelope, load requirements and working environment (high temperature, chemicals, oil etc). We design a spring fit for purpose, safely stressed, as light as possible and with a long life span.
It is often helpful to visit customer sites to glean a better understanding of problems and to assess the spring’s requirements. We understand that springs and pressings can play a critical role in many engineering solutions. Quite often we can suggest a completely difference spring to that originally envisaged.
Talking it through
If you need helpful, informed, capable input into the engineering of any type of spring or wire form, contact Longcroft Engineering on 01706 819955.