Longcroft manufacture and design all types of flat springs from a wide range of materials. Flat spring types include circlips, wave washers, Belleville washers, constant force springs, flat springs, clock and brush springs, leaf springs, power springs, constant force springs, electrical contacts and terminals, clips and brackets.
Produced from flat strip or sheet materials, our facilities include fibre laser cutter, a multi-slide and power presses, in combination with standard and bespoke tooling.
Longcroft has the know-how and capability to manufacture clock springs and constant force springs. These spring types have various applications including carbon brushes for electric motors.
Flat springs range 0.05mm to 3mm, this is depending on the size and type of pressing, pressing force of up to 50 tons. Longcroft also has in-house laser cutting facility.
Flat Springs
Leaf Springs
Clips & brackets
Terminals & electrical contacts
Wave washers
Belleville washers

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