Coil Springs
Clock springs
Flat Springs
Wire forms
Longcroft’s core products cover all types of springs for small, medium and large batch production. Many of Longcroft’s bespoke spring products go further, they are value-engineered solutions too.
The product range includes coil springs, which cover compression, extension and torsion springs; and there are a multitude of subcategories to each. Longcroft also manufactures flat springs, which include clock springs, brush springs, power or constant force springs amongst others; as well as wire forms and sub-assemblies.

Longcroft’s spring range includes:

Compression Springs
Clock springs
Extension Springs
Flat Springs
Torsion Springs
Die Spring
Power springs
Constant force springs

Related engineered products include:

Retaining pins
Snap rings
Wave washers
Belleville washers
Spring sub-assemblies