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About Longcroft Engineering

With a vision of creating a modern spring company, using the latest technology to provide a high integrity spring design and manufacturing service; Longcroft Engineering was established in 1999.

Today, Longcroft specialises in the design and development of bespoke spring and pressing solutions for customers across a wide range of applications. The Company is flourishing, and has quickly established a reputation for its can-do attitude, its skills and its commitment to quality.

From wire to despatch, Longcroft Engineering know-how shows how springs are manufactured:

Longcroft’s clients range from SMEs to multinationals and its expertise continues to attract more customers worldwide.

There is no secret to Longcroft Engineering’s success. It combines many decades of accumulated expertise and enthusiasm with the best of modern design and manufacturing technology. The Company has also stayed highly flexible, so that it can respond to any challenge, be that for a rapid prototype, a design for a new component, a solution to a problem, or for manufacture in either low or high volumes.

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